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Franchisee FAQ


What is franchising?

Franchising is the legal right to carry out a business in accordance with a particular operational method and under a specific brand. This includes the right to use trademarks, logos, a business system, operating procedures, IT and marketing techniques.

It can be seen as you working for yourself and running your own business; however, you go to market with the benefits of a household name and a dedicated team supporting you with advice and guidance on how to operate effectively.


Why are we franchising?

  • To maximize shareholders' returns and value.
  • To excel in every facet of its operation.
  • To provide attractive and well rewarded career and business opportunities for all employees and Franchisees
  • To dynamically grow through pro-active acquisitions, mergers and joint ventures.


What are the eligibility criteria to be a Franchisee?

Financial Qualifications

Candidate should be a graduate in any discipline.

Financial Qualifications

The individual should possess the ability to mobilize resources through internal and external means. He/she should have the capability to personally invest approx around 2 lacs.

Business experience

  • The individual should possess 1-3 years of experience in any functional area, preferably at the middle management level.
  • Be a First time Entrepreneur.
  • Be Self employed in Business.

Geographical knowledge

The candidate should have complete knowledge of the regional market. He/She must also be aware of number of schools, colleges & other local institutes & their business cycles.


How do you support the Franchisees?

Franchisee Franchisor Relationship is like a Hare -Tortoise, where the Hare carries the tortoise on its back over the ground & the tortoise carries hare when they cross a river, each capitalizing on its own strength.

Initially when the venture is in the nascent stage, the franchisor bears a role of a gardener & does the entire hand holding at various fronts. Support required is on technical, sales & operations part. SSIT support & operations team would guide the franchisee centre in all respects. Gradually with experience control evolves leading to more independence & understanding. Then the role of SSIT shapes as that of a mentor, providing motivation & information as well as striving for futuristic goals.

Faculties constantly need to “sharpen their saw” on the latest technologies & delivery techniques for better customer delivery. Thus, SSIT would conduct scheduled special training programs for all your faculties. Sales people are the engines of any organization.

A well-informed & trained sales staff is indispensable component for the success. Hence, grooming them is an area requiring experience. SSIT Support team due to virtue of its experience in man management is extremely well equipped. Regular sales training workshops would be a part of process for attaining the mentioned objectives.

It’s well known “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” For the entrepreneur being new into the business it’s imperative to understand the key processes, systems & roles. As the captain of this ship it’s essential for you to take charge & lead from the front. To enable this SSIT conducts a three day training cum induction Program known as “Business Basic Workshop” highlighting all the major parts of this business such as HR practices, Operations, staff selection criteria & marketing etc. This tool enables to avoid lot of experimentation resulting in uncertainty. In words of Peter Drucker “There’s nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which shouldn’t be done at all”.


Where can I open a franchisee centre?

A good commercial & preferably an educational hub in your city/location.


What is the amount of financial investment needed to establish a SSIT centre?

The initial investment for the project is approximately 2 lacks. The investment varies with various factors such as the Centre Location, Student Capacity, infrastructure, Duration and the Types of courses to be offered by the centre.


How many partners can I have for my centre?

It is recommended by SSIT that you do not have more than three partners for the venture


Does SSIT offer any financing arrangements?

No, SSIT doesn't offer any financing arrangements to the partner.


Can we obtain the funds to purchase a franchisee from a relative, friend or associate?

You can decide on your internal sources for arranging funds for the venture but please, make sure that the obligations are well defined and that, the continuity of funds is ensured.


I have an existing Training institute; can I get a SSIT franchisee?

Yes!! But it has to be customized in look & form as per SSIT Centre standards & guidelines.


What is the manpower required to start SSIT centre?

Market potential, varied courses determine the need of staff.
Initially, you will need the following:
1 - Centre Head /Centre Manager–Optional.
2 - Faculty
1 - Academic Advisor/Counselor
1 - Office Boy


What type of fee is the franchisee required to pay?

The franchisee pays the franchisor two types of fee:

Entry fee (Franchisee License Fee) -This grants the franchisee the right to join the network and includes the following:

  • The right to use a known brand, granted to the franchisee.
  • Training process and assistance from SSIT to the franchisee prior to and during the opening of the center to the public.
  • • The complete business manuals, business launch kit and advertising and promotions layout / designs. The entry fee may also depend on the potential of the exclusive territory to which the franchisee is given access

Examination & Admission fees. Sums paid by the franchisee to the franchisor periodically for ongoing assistance and support provided


What would be the rate of return, which I/We can expect?

Profitability will depend on the centre capacity & level of customer service. Today’s customer satisfaction criteria has to be met. There are phenomenal number of people who are keen to learn, due to the virtue of educated middle class who exhibit training & education for their children as their top priorities of spending.

With our experience of operating at several varied locations we expect the break even with 100 students in 6 to 8 months with 20 students being registered monthly for different courses. Also, we expect the returns to be within a period of 12 to 15 months.


Is there an agreement or Contract signed & what is it’s validity?

Yes, there is an agreement the contract of which is signed by both the parties. The initial validity for the license is for Four years. The license will be renewed after the end of Fourth year depending on the performance & terms and conditions per SSIT policies prevailing from earlier times.


Does SSIT facilitate placement of students?

There is 100% placement assistance.


What makes SSIT a good franchisor?

We have experience and expertise in IT Training & Certification sectors for 12 years and our business model is developed to suit to this sector. We are an ISO 9001 2000 certified education organization. We are a strong financial organization and with excellent management skills to provide support to our franchisee network. With the franchisee success rate of more than 80% we have with us partners who have experienced stupendous growth financially as well as socially.

Certificate Verification

Here you can check and verify the certificates that are provided by us to our students.

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"I joined SSIT because there was no such an other institution, which was providing education with a good faculty."
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"The individual attention they give to a student makes one feel that one is under parental guidance."
Pawan bhawsar
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"If you are looking for world-class career oriented courses"
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"Provided all the guidance required. Support always extended by SSIT , I feel proud to study with SSIT."
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"SSIT is very good place to learn and provides good infrastructure,hostel facility"
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"SSIT is a great place to learn anything about computer courses,"
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"SSIT is best place to start your professional career in computer "
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"SSIT, the best place you can learn anything about computer software and hardware here. Excellent facilitie"
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"SSIT is a very good place to develop our potential and talent"
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"I appreciate all what he is done to me."
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"The year I spent at SSIT, were no doubt the best year of my life, its provide me excellent computer knowledge and improve the overall personality"
Asha Rajure

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